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Every branch of Engineering has got its own importance in the developmental process and balancing of society. Industries all around are looking for engineering graduates to carry out the work in different specialised areas. With the rapidly changing Industry landscape, the importance of various engineering branches has been constantly changing. In contrast to the popular belief of Computer Science having a better scope in terms of placement and salaries, experts believe that core engineering branches like Civil and Mechanical are more relevant. Let us try to understand the market trend and the demand for different engineering courses.

The Trend Analysis:

According to the AISHE 2021 Report; and the Collegedunia data, there are a lesser number of students opting for core engineering branches including but not limited to Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, etc. Computer Science, along with Electronics and Communication are increasingly taking the top spot in the choices of courses in Engineering.

The Possible Reasons:

  1. As per the India Skills Report 2023, there has been a decrease in  employable resources available for the core engineering branches.

The Conclusion:

Sankaranarayanasamy K, director, NIT Puducherry says, “The introduction of major and minor courses within the broader streams under NEP 2020 will bring all streams at a common platform, removing the concept of certain popular branches altogether.”

However, according to the AICTE report, admission percentage in most core engineering branches hit a five-year high in 2021-22. Considering the fragile nature of popularity of the engineering branches, following measures can be taken to ensure that the backbone of engineering does not lose its relevance:

1. Evolution of traditional Engineering Branches into more modern times relevant fields:
The future demand for the related fields can be depicted as followed:

2. Integrated Engineering:

Engineering today is the ‘engineering of a new age’ that demands an interdisciplinary and integrative approach for studies, research, and innovative product development. The future of integrated engineering in India is expected to witness increased adoption and demand across various sectors as the country strives for sustainable development, technological advancements, and efficient resource management.



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