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India is a diverse country with many different states and regions, each with their own unique culture, language, and education system. As a result, students may choose to move to another state or region to pursue educational opportunities that are not available in their home state. Student migration in India refers to the movement of students from one state or region to another within the country for educational purposes.

Some common reasons for student migration in India include:

Mobility Trend:

According to the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) 2019-20 report: there were over 42 million students enrolled in higher education institutions across India. Of these, approximately 11 million students were enrolled in universities located in states other than their home state.

Google Trends:

The Top destination states are:

2019 edition of QS: Best Student Cities Report

CollegeDunia Data:

Top 5 source and Destination States:

State Wise Break up for Top 5 Destination States:


  • Though the highest number of students received at the top Destination states are from Uttar Pradesh, Delhi-NCR, HR, BH, Kerala. However the source states of migration are concentrated along neighbouring states only.
  • From States like Bihar, WB, MH, Jharkhand, constant influx of students can be seen across all states in India, which can be focused by Institutions for attracting students.
  • From the above trends, It can be seen that the students prefer states, which are near their home states or have cultural, linguistic and Ethnic similarities.



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